Our Tactical Tracker Training will enhance Law Enforcement operations such as:

  • Pursuit Operations
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Counter Narcotics Operations
  • Border Security and interdiction
  • Anti-Poaching
  • Search and Rescue


This Course is designed to teach Law Enforcement Officers Basic Tactical Tracker Techniques. Those individuals and teams who attend this course will be capable of conducting aggressive tracker team techniques to exploit information, pursue and apprehend their quarry. Students will learn in a progressive manner starting with how to track as an individual, to tracking as a member of a tracker team utilizing bold and aggressive man-tracking techniques designed to compliment any Law Enforcement Operation.

Some of the subjects taught are:

  • Identifying and interpreting the track
  • Following the track
  • Booby trap indicator recognition
  • Tracker team formations
  • Immediate action drills
  • Reacquiring a track that is temporarily lost
  • Recognition of common Counter Tracking techniques
  • Determining the age of a track

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Note: After consultation, establishing your training needs, and registering for a course you will be emailed a packing/supply list of items needed for the course.