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Gary Nezat


Gary Nezat is an instructor in both Combat and Law Enforcement Visual tracking Techniques. Gary has served within the Law Enforcement community since 1989 in both patrol and investigative capacities. Gary was also a member of the Louisiana Army National Guard and completed a tour duty in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, while assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 156th Infantry’s Scout Platoon. Gary’s Law enforcement training includes:

  • Basic SWAT

  • Planning and Execution of High Risk Warrant

  • Field Tactical Police Operations.


Gary also serves as an instructor to both his department and surrounding agencies in:


  • Aerosal Chemical Agent

  • Monadanock Defensive Tactics and Baton

  • First Aid and CPR (Red Cross)

  • Patrol Rifle (NRA)

  • Radar Instructor

  • Taser


Gary has been recognized on numerous occasions for his outstanding performance as a Law Enforcement officer to include Officer of the Year by several civic organizations and most recently receiving the Life Saver Award by the local city government.


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