Professional Tactical Training & Consulting
Professional Tactical Training & Consulting

Jeff Crowner

Instructor and TÝR Group Bladesmith

Jeff Crowner has 14 years of US military experience, serving mostly in military police units. Jeff is a custom knife maker, whose custom knives and tools are in the hands of military and law enforcement professionals worldwide. Jeff is also an instructor and practitioner of the fighting arts Pentjak Silat (Indonesian) and Filipino Kali. With more than 25 years of training and instructing experience.


Some of Jeff’s training includes:


  • US Navy Small Arms Instructor Course
  • US Navy Emergency Vehicle Operators (EVOC) Instructor Course
  • US Navy Master-at-Arms (US Navel Military Police Academy)
  • US Air Force Security Police NCO Ground Combat Skills
  • US Air Force Electronic Security Course
  • SWAT/CQB Military and Civilian
  • Tarrant County College Police Academy (640 hours)
  • Field Training Officer Course- FTO
  • REACT Wilderness Survival School
  • REACT Precision Counter Sniper Course
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