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TÝR Group "Combat Tracker" Knife

The TÝR Group "Combat Tracker" is a premium custom knife designed for discriminating users who demand the very best. The "Combat Tracker" is a collaborative effort between John Hurth, President of TÝR Group LLC, and master bladesmith, Jeff Crowner, of Jeff Crowner Custom Knives. The "Combat Tracker" is offered exclusively on TÝR Group's web site, Each knife and Kydex sheath are handmade by Jeff Crowner at his Texas knife shop using the finest materials with careful attention given to each knife during the building process. 


TÝR Group's owner, John Hurth, after conducting many deployments as a Special Forces soldier, as well as instructing many Combat Tracking classes discovered that many large combat knives were great for bushcraft, but were too large to be worn on an individual's equipment comfortably and were too clumsy for fighting purposes. On the other hand, smaller combat knives were never large or heavy enough to be capable of heavy duty bushcraft tasks. With these challenges in mind, John consulted his good friend and master bladesmith, Jeff Crowner, to produce a medium-sized knife that was capable of heavy duty bushcraft, such as batoning, shelter building, and small delimbing to general field use such as field dressing large game, carcass break-down, and skinning. The knife also needed to be capable of being worn comfortably without taking up a lot of real estate on most military vests.


Jeff Crowner besides being a master knife maker, is also a military veteran, accomplished outdoorsman, and an instructor / practioner of the fighting arts Pentjak Silat (Indonesian) and Filipino Kali. Drawing on both John's and Jeff's experience and backgrounds, Jeff built what is known as the TÝR Group "Combat Tracker". The knife blade is 1/4 inch thick and made from 80CVR2 Steel that has been differentially heat treated and was designed as an all purpose blade. The blade profile is a common leaf shaped design based off of a Filipino "barong" design with a slight "S" curve along the cutting edge. The shape of the blade allows the knife to be easily sharpened in the field and the slight "S" curve is good for drawing back on material. The edge of the blade has a convex grind for heavier tasks like chopping. The knife has a "mustard patina" finish with OD Green and Black G10 handles that are glued with marine grade epoxy and pinned. The blade is 6 inches long with a 4.5 inch military birds-beak handle that is longer than most handles to accommodate larger hands or the use of gloves. The knife's overall length is 10.5 inches. The sheath is made of standard Kydex. The Kydex sheath was developed so that it could fit into a standard 5.56 single magazine shingle such as a Tactical Tailor Single 5.56 Mag Pouch and secured with 550 cord. The way the operator could attach additional molle pouches over the knife sheath without hindering access to the knife or other equipment.


"Combat Tracker" Knife Specs:


Steel: 80CVR2 Steel, differentially heat treated

Overall Length: approx. 10.5"

Blade Length: approx. 6"

Blade Width: approx. 1.7"

BladeThickness: 0.25"

Handle: Approx. 4.5", OD Green and Black G10 handles

Sheath: OD Green Kydex


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We have discontinued International sales of our knives. 



TÝR Group "Combat Tracker" Knife  



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