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We appreciate your interest in our company and the courses that we provide. We do conduct custom training that are not listed on our website for LE/Mil. We prefer to have a consultation (no charge) over the phone at your convenience to ensure that the course that we develop is custom tailored to your specific department’s needs and threat you face. As a former Special Forces Soldier, I have had to develop many custom classes for our allied partners before deploying as a mobile training team. We have also worked with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Enforcement Division Academy and MSRT to help them develop and enhance their tactical capabilities as well and can furnish you with a reference if you would like. To better help you meet your training objectives I will need a little more info concerning your needs. Again this can be over the phone. Cost will be dependent upon:


  • Number of personnel to be trained and student to instructor ratio.
  • Course curriculum as well as support requirements to meet your training needs.
  • Travel dependent upon the location that you wish the training to occur.  


Also, please let me know when you would like this training to occur (month and year). Once I have a clearer understanding as to the training you need, I can develop several courses of action that may fit your needs depending on time and budget.  Please email me at and provide as much detailed information that you can about your training needs and let me know when is a good time to speak with you over the phone, so that we can begin developing your customized tactical training course. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide some of your training needs.


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John Hurth

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