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August 5-6, 2017  Leesville, LA

GPS’s are a great tool but what if that piece of technology fails? Do you know how to make your way back to safety without a GPS?  Our Land Navigation course is designed to provide you with the confidence and capability to properly read a map and navigate over land using nothing more than a map, protractor and compass. Below are some of the tasks that are covered in this course.


Course Summary

  • Reading and interpreting the Marginal information on a map
  • Properly interpreting Topographic symbols
  • Understanding Common Colors used on a map
  • Interpreting Contour intervals
  • Use of a protractor to determine grid coordinates and plot a location
  • Converting Azimuths
  • Determining distance.
  • Navigational Equipment and Methods
  • Shooting an azimuth.
  • Determining a back azimuth.
  • Establishing a pace count.
  • Interpretation of Terrain features
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Terrain association
  • Route Planning for short or long-range orienteering


Recommended Packing List:

(This is a Basic List. You will be in a field environment for the entire course.)

  • Durable outdoor clothing
  • Serviceable footwear (should be broken in, have good foot and ankle support, and have a good tread)
  • Lensatic Compass (mandatory)
  • Pocket knife
  • Watch
  • Flash light with colored lenses
  • Assault Pack or Backpack with a 3 liter Hydration System
  • Eye Protection
  • Rain Gear
  • Pencil and Pen
  • Paper
  • Gloves
  • Seasonally appropriate hat, underwear, and outerwear
  • Good quality insect repellant with Deet (spring, summer, and fall)
  • Folding Chair (optional)
  • Seasonally appropriate equipment to remain overnight in field conditions.
  • Enough Food and Water for the Entire Time in the Field.

This course will be held in the Kisatchie National Forest near Leesville , LA. 



***** Due to Department of State ITAR regulations, all Tactical Training is only available to US Citizens.


Registration, Payments & Deposit

The Land Navigation - Level 1 Course Rate is $225 / Student. The non-refundable /non-transferable deposit is $125. The registration deadline for this course is July 8, 2017.

Please fill out our Course Registration Form and make your payment. You are not fully registered until your Course Registration Form has been submitted and your course slot has been fully paid.


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Please contact us at or 337-344-7928 with any questions.





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Aug 05-06, 2017 2-Day Land Navigation Course, Leesville, LA
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