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June 23-25, 2017  Leesville, LA



August 25-27, 2017  Leesville, LA

Student pointing out individual characteristics of a boot impression.

The 3-Day Tactical Tracker Course is designed to teach visual tracking techniques that begin at the individual level and progress to conducting a tracking mission as a member of a Tracking Patrol. Students who attend our 3-day course can expect to receive the first three days of training from our 5-day Tactical Tracker Course. Students who complete the course will be presented with a certificate of completion. (This is a 30+ hour class.)


Course curriculum covers subjects such as:

  • Glossary of Tracking Terms

  • Basic Visual Tracking Techniques

  • Human Gait and Track Interpretation

  • Visual and Non Visual Tracking Indicators

  • Factors that Affect Sign

  • Principles of Tracking

  • Track Pursuit Drill

  • Mission of the Tracker Squad

  • Duties and Responsibilities within the Tracker Squad

  • Tracking Formations and Movement Techniques

  • Lost Track Drills


Required Packing List:

This is a basic list. Remember you will be out in a field environment for the full 3-days.

  • Serviceable uniform

  • Serviceable boots (must be broken in and have a good tread)

  • Binoculars (optional)

  • GPS/ Lensatic Compass

  • Knife

  • Watch

  • Flash light with colored lenses

  • Load Bearing Equipment

  • Individual Rifle (Empty magazine - NO AMMUNITION)

  • Assault Pack with a 3 liter Hydration System

  • Eye Protection

  • Rain Gear

  • 30 feet of 550 cord

  • Pencil

  • Paper

  • Retractable Tape measure

  • Gloves

  • Camouflage stick, compact or cream

  • Seasonally appropriate hat, underwear, and outerwear

  • Good quality insect repellant with Deet (spring, summer, and fall)

  • Folding Chair (optional)

  • Seasonally appropriate equipment to remain overnight in field conditions.

**Enough Food and Water for the Entire Time in the Field.                      

Your instructor is JOHN HURTH, US Army Special Forces (Ret), and author of the "Combat Tracking Guide" published by Stackpole Books. The Leesville, LA 3-Day Tactical Tracking Courses are conducted in the Kisatchie National Forest, near Leesville, LA.

All of our courses are taught completely outdoors. We do not lecture or use power point presentations to conduct our classes. Students will be immersed in the tracking environment from beginning to end.  With that said all who attend must be in good physical condition and able to walk every day 3-6 miles over rugged terrain.

Note from John:

We have received a few questions asking how physically strenuous our classes are. Since TYR Group began our classes in 2010, we have had male and female students attend who were as young as 16 and as old as 67 years of age. The amount of distance a student may cover during our classes is based on their individual tracking ability. The level of difficulty may also depend on terrain and weather. We set up a base camp that we start from and return to every day. The amount of weight you carry depends on what YOU need to sustain yourself during the days training, such as food, water, extra clothing, or other survival items. Your camping equipment is whatever you are comfortable with. I don't make it a requirement that students remain in the camp overnight. We try to keep the cost down for our customers. Our students do have the option to stay at a hotel, however, it is their responsibility to make it to training on time, with the proper equipment and ready to train. Depending on our customers' needs, or tactical tracking courses can be modified to meet their training objectives. If you have any questions concerning our classes please contact us at:   



A minimum of 10 Students is required in order for this course to be conducted. Sign up now to guarantee your slot.

***** Due to Department of State ITAR regulations, all Tactical Training is  available only to US Citizens/Legal Residents. *****

**Additional course costs will be assessed based on mission requirements if  TYR Group instructors have to travel out of state to a hosting organizations location (Airfare, Lodging, etc.).


Please fill out our Course Registration Form  for each course you are taking. Then make your payment. Registration is not complete until your Course Registration Form has been submitted and your course slot has been fully paid.

Payments may be made by check or USPS money order, credit/debit and by PayPal below.

The 3-Day Tactical Tracker Course rate in Leesville, LA is $300 / Student. We require a $150 non-refundable deposit for this course.

If you choose to make payments, the additional payment should be made the next month following your first payment, and before the Registration Deadline.

You are responsible for reading all of our policies before purchasing.

Please read TYR Group LLC Training Payment Policy here. 

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Jun 23-25, 2017 3-Day Tactical Tracker Course, Leesville, LA
Aug 25-27, 2017 3-Day Tactical Tracker Course, Leesville, LA
Combat Tracking Guide By John Hurth
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